The brilliance is in the fabric. Dear Kate's founder utilized her chemical engineering background to create the patent-pending fabric lining each pair of underwear and yoga pants. Comprised of two luxurious microfiber layers and a thin, breathable outer layer, this is revolutionary fabric to the rescue. Dear Kates are designed for real women. Each pair is machine washable, unbelievably comfortable and a peace-of-mind guarantee.

The Facts

The amount of liquid your fully lined Dear Kates can hold comfortably

The number of minutes you’ll save per month when you stop handwashing stained undies

The number of panty liners that don’t go into the landfill per year (if you wear Dear Kates instead of 2 liners per day for light incontinence)

The number of pairs made and sent to real women to test while creating our performance fabric

Experience light bladder leakage on a regular basis

60% of women experience overflow during that time of the month every month

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