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Model Behavior / Elise / Adventure Babe

Posted on 06 July 2015

Just a curious girl with a love for the natural world.

What's the background story behind your handle, @roundtheworldgirl?

My boyfriend and I had plans to sail around the world for two years on a 76 foot schooner built in the 1930's. We sailed for about 2 months in the Caribbean before breaking one of the masts in a large sailing race in Antigua that ended the trip. I had intended to post photos from different destinations around the world under the name @roundtheworldgirl. The trip is no longer happening, I just never changed the name.


What's the best compliment you've ever received?

It always feels really great to be told by someone that you inspired them in some way.

Tell us more about your interest in piloting planes! What do you enjoy about flying?

Flying is a beautiful sensation, and I love the possibilities that exist when flying a helicopter. They can go so many places that a plane can't. I love flying and hope to someday have a career as a pilot, but for now I only have a private license.


What are two items to do on your bucket list?

I've never made a bucket list, but I suppose I've got a list of mountainous countries that I'd love to explore. New Zealand, Chile, and Montenegro are just a few!

What do you tell yourself when you're climbing and you get tired or need motivation to keep going?

I'm usually pretty excited about what might be around the next corner or up the next ridge. If I am starting to get worn out and lacking motivation, I just think about things I've done in the past and remember that I'm completely capable.

What are you most proud of?

Getting my Private Helicopter Pilot license

Teach us how to do something.

I often get asked questions about gear and backpacking, so I figure I'll talk briefly about how to properly pack your backpacking gear. When carrying gear for overnight/multi-day outings, it's important to distribute the weight properly to maximize comfort as you carry your load. The simplest way to do this is to try to keep heavier items towards the bottom of the pack (tent stakes/poles, cooking pots, etc.) while keeping softer items (sleeping bag, clothes, etc) towards the back piece of the backpack so that rougher items don't poke through and rub against your back.

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