Meet Julie, the fearless leader of Dear Kate. This self-proclaimed Southern Belle (originally hailing from Kentucky!) is serious about Dear Kate underwear. As a child, Julie fell in love with selling things that make women feel good after she sold 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Not 10. Not 100. 10,000. Julie went on to study chemical engineering at Brown University. And even though she says the word “super” more than any chemical engineer we know, she still manages to come up with kickass fabric that rocks our Dear Kate designs. Julie believes that putting on a pair of amazing underwear in the morning is super important - and trust us, she knows underwear.


Marketing Manager

Meet Amanda. Life abroad (Benin, France, Senegal) sparked her interest in women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, leading her back home where she found a perfect combination of the two at Dear Kate! When she’s not dreaming up wild outfits for the Dear Kate office theme days, Amanda can be found scouring thrift shops, planning her next worldly travels, or re-inventing recipes with the best the farmers’ market has to offer.


Operations Director

Meet Heidi, a proud Minnesota native who after working in the fashion industry for over a decade has found a perfect fit at Dear Kate.  In her spare time she can be found "resting" at her cabin in the woods, designing her own knitted sweaters, making her own yarn, and cooking up a storm.



Meet Yuliya. Our very own goddess of numbers, she knows how to use Excel better than anyone we know. She earned her MBA in Finance form Loyola Chicago. Yuliya is originally from Belarus and loves to travel. When she's not jet-setting off to explore a new country, she enjoys trying new workout classes in NYC and going on long walks with her lovely dog Britney (named after Britney Spears). Yuliya is a believer in better underwear for women and is excited to be part of the team as Dear Kate grows.


Marketing & Graphic Design

Meet Isabella. Born in New Jersey, Isabella is a senior at Brown University studying Environmental Studies and Visual Arts. Inspired by Julie's energy and enthusiasm after hearing her speak, Isabella couldn't imagine any other job for her. As the 2013 speakers coordinator for the a Better World by Design Conference, Isabella is passionate about design, innovation, and entrepreneurship for social good.  An intense lover of art and art history, in her spare time, Isabella enjoys museum hopping and creating her own masterpieces.



Meet Jenna. She recently graduated from Brown University after studying history and environmental studies and taking eight months to study on five continents. She has previously worked in anti-human trafficking, architecture, politics, and environmental education. Jenna loves problem-solving design, which is part of what makes Dear Kate so exciting to her. In her free time, she enjoys walking, sociology, the A train, and the same rap music as the fourteen-year-olds of America.