The Perfect Body

If you haven’t heard, Victoria’s Secret came out with the Perfect “Body” campaign in the UK a couple days ago. As an advertisement for their new “Body” bra,
VS has ten thin models with the words “The Perfect ‘Body’” overlaid on top of them.

As if women need a reminder of our society’s homogenous definition of beauty, the ad features ten models with almost identical body shapes. The creators of
the ad probably didn’t think twice about the message it is sending, and to us, it’s irresponsible marketing.


As an all-girl company making smart undies, we think we can do better.

Through this photo, we showcase women who are often neglected by the media and traditional retailers. We show the multitude of shapes perfect bodies
can take.  We
stand with the petition of Gabriella Kountourides, Laura Ferris, and Frances Black for Victoria’s Secret to apologize and amend the wording
on their
advertisements for the “Body” bra.

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These ladies are more than just pretty faces. From left to right:

Christina Vuleta | Founder at 40:20 Vision
Tinuade Oyelowo | New York based performance artist, who tackles issues of social/political injustices within her work
Kate Gardiner | Digital strategy consultant working with clients across the United States on national and globalfacing audience development
Hayley Rynehart | Founder of The Rynehart Agency
Cindy Gallop | Founder/CEO, IfWeRanTheWorld/MakeLoveNotPorn
Mellie Davis | Editor of TheFatApple & Social Media Strategist
Quinne Myers | The one-woman-show behind the dreamy loungewear label, she and reverie
Shelly Ni | Chief Product Officer of Propel, a company improving the food stamp application process, and founder of The League of Ladies, a feminist superhero underwear line
Gaïa Orain | Gaïa is a Brooklyn-based design strategist for non-profits. The lady makes magic in the kitchen and is the co-designer of the League of Ladies
Arlene Chung | Medical Education Fellow and Attending Physician at Maimonides Medical Center

Photography by Brister Photo